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We are High Country Health Foods

High Country Health Foods & Café is a family owned business, where we like to treat our community as if they are our family.


You’ll find we carry a large variety of grocery products as well as a great bulk section, produce, and fresh meats. You can find all of your dietary needs; Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, and much more.


We have a beautiful in house Café that serves the most delicious sandwiches, salads, soups, and breakfast items. Additionally, you can find an incredible assortment of Organic Bagels, Muffins, Carrot Cake, and other desserts all made in house.

Since 1988

High Country History

The history of our store begins in 1988 when the Pickard family bought a small health food store out of a corner of the local grocery store. They sold vitamins, a tiny selection of bulk foods, some grocery items and frozen and cooler goods and not much else.

However, the little store was prosperous and in March 1991 they were able to move into their own location. Nestled in the 49er Shopping Center, High Country Health Foods opened their own doors on April 1st, 1991. After a few months the business grew and in November of 1991, they began serving sandwiches out of a small window in the back wall. Thus, High Country Café was born! The store remained that way until 1994 when the Pickard family acquired the business space next to theirs and expanded their own store. The Café now had its own home, and more space was available for customers to come in and take a seat and dine in.

High Country Health Foods & Café remained in that spot until September 2013 when they relocated to their currant address. With three times the room as before the grocery store is now bursting with colorful Organic produce, fully stocked aisles, and an impressive bulk selection. The Café had gained more workspace and was able to offer more selections for their customers!

Thanks for getting to know us and we can’t wait to see you!

Family Owned
Vacation Destination
Whole Foods
Highly Rated

Bob Pickard


Cody Westbrook

Who We Are

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality of Organic produce and groceries with our reasonable prices. We try our best to only carry Organic and certified Non-GMO products in our store.

Owners Bob and Paula Pickard and their daughter Laurel Westbrook and Son-in-Law Cody Westbrook are thankful for all our wonderful customers that support us daily!

Paula Pickard


Laurel Westbrook


"There have been times I have needed foods that are not found anywhere else in Mariposa and High Country Health Foods has them on their shelves. Furthermore, the staff are always friendly and helpful for whatever my needs may be. The deli continuously serves fresh food that is as delicious as it is healthy. High Country Health Foods is a gem that brings excellence both in its food sources and its staffing."

Kat Healy
Mariposa, CA  

"My family has lived in Mariposa since before I was born and am a regular visitor to our family ranch from Orange County, CA. I can safely say that I come in to High Country literally EVERY DAY when I am in town. I have severe food allergies and I cannot imagine being at my Mariposa home without the quality, healthy, and DELICIOUS food from High Country! We come in for lunch, to shop for every day items, and we look forward to our special favorites that we can only find in your store like your sandwiches, brownies, muffins, and Theresa’s AMAZING PIES! And to top it all off, the staff at High Country Health Foods & Cafe is second to NONE. Always helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. We simply don’t know what we’d do without you all in Mariposa!!"

The Frost and Hill Families
Mariposa CA

"High Country Health Foods is a true treasure in our community. Their wide selection, extensive supplement offerings, friendly service, delectable food options, and commitment to fair pricing make this store a standout in the health food industry. It's evident that this family-owned and operated business is deeply rooted in its values of promoting wellness and well-being. "

Troy Foster

"I can’t imagine the Mariposa community without High Country Heath Food and Café. I’ve lived in Midpines for over 25 years, and I have been a loyal customer since day one. Their friendly service and healthy options make it easy to eat well in the mountains. And Theresa at the café offers such delicious meals! Thanks for being here for us, High Country Café!"

Beth Pratt
Conservation leader, author, wildlife advocate

"High Country Health Foods & Cafe is an exceptional place to shop, eat and enjoy positive vibes. I’ve watched them grow from a small business to an integral anchor for healthy eating and creating community. From vitamins, to produce, to frozen and packaged foods, they are superior in every way. Staff are always knowledgeable, helpful and friendly! It’s more than a health food store and cafe; it’s a healing place and a warm supportive community."

Sharon Whitefawn
Mariposa CA

"I was nervous about not having access to organic and bulk foods when I moved to Mariposa from the big city, but High Country Health Foods has all that plus a great deli and friendly staff. I’m so thankful for this store!"

Nichole G
Belle Isle